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Shaniqua, Class of 2011, a WHG mentee for 4 years

I stayed with it for 4 years because it's an awesome program. It's got great events, and a lot of my friends are here, about 4 or 5 of them. I love the events, the sleep-overs are great. I come back every year for 'em. [Someday] yup, I'd like to be a mentor, when I grow, when I'm about 30, 35, 50, 60. I'll call you guys when I'm 30.

Erica, Class of 2011, a WHG mentee since 7th grade

I've stayed with the program all these years because it's fun. It's helpful [with] all the information we get in the workshops. It gives me another place to go. The workshops especially are inspiring to me, they encourage me.

Sade, in 10th grade and 3 years in WHG

[My mentor] Tracy and I do a lot of different things. She took me to her fashion show, and modeled in it. It was nice to see her up there. We also just go get coffee and talk. We get together once a week or once every other week. [When I look back at growing up in WHG, I'll say . . .] I think it really brought me out of my shell. In 7th grade, I was so scared, and then being around the girls, they made me feel so comfortable. Now I can talk to people easily. I'm more outgoing, more outspoken, not so reserved. I'm also [comfortable with the women] because I can relate to everybody in WHG in one way or another - I don't think it's so much age as what they have to offer, what each lady has to offer is just great. I mean, everybody in one way or another is inspiring.

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